Monday, July 13, 2009


I read a statistic last week that still has me reeling:

Airlines use about 1 million disposable cups every 6 hours!

Bring your own reusable bottles on your trip and have the flight attendant fill 'er up. If you don't have one, go to World Wildlife Fund's website here, make a donation, and receive two cute water bottles with the panda logo. They're essentially "free" since your donation amount is tax deductible.

You can read the whole article about airline waste here:

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  1. We started carrying our own stainless steel water bottle onto airplanes when they stopped giving people anything to drink. We simply carried it, empty, through the security check and then filled it at a drinking fountain once we were near the gate.

    Now some airlines are offering complimentary drinks but ... all that plastic. It's just scandalous ... and such a waste. So we still carry our reusable bottle.

    Thank you for posting about this ... when the airlines starting offering drinks again, some people forgot that there are still reasons to carry our own ... over 1 million reasons.

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