Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For Rent

English is not my husband's first language. But you'd barely notice if you spoke to him. In fact, one day we were watching a movie and he used the word, necrophelia, which caused me to think, "How long would I have to live in a foreign country before I knew how to say, 'sex with dead people' in that language?!"

Anyway, because English is my husband's second language, he has a great way of wording things. He uses his vocabulary to paint incredible word pictures.

Last night, we were discussing something upsetting. As I was just winding up into full "rant" mode, my husband stopped me cold by saying, "That takes too much energy. I just won't let it rent space in my brain."

How many things to we let rent space in our brains, sucking the energy and joy right out of us? How many of those things need to be evicted?!

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