Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change the World Challenge

Here's the latest challenge from my friend at Reduce Footprints:

We all know that it's better to reuse something we already have rather than buy something new. But what about those items that are sitting in closets, storage sheds and the "back room" ... those things that we don't use and probably haven't used in a long while? I'll bet that there is someone who could use it. So, this week, take a look around your home and put together a box of no-longer-used items and ... "reuse them" by giving them away. Donate them to local charities, shelters, retirement homes or the Humane Society. See if your neighbors might need them or perhaps a family in need would appreciate them. This challenge has a double impact ... we'll be making items available for reuse and we'll be helping others. It's a challenge with heart!

We're changing the world ... one challenge at a time!

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