Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fish Have Feelings, Too!

I once heard a comedian talk about fishing. He said, “People go fishing and say, ‘I love animals so I practice catch and release fishing.’ I always think to myself, ‘Really? You think that’s humane? So would you volunteer to have me put a hook half the size of your head in your cheek? Then I’ll pull you by a rope connected to the hook for, say, 50 feet, while you pull in the other direction. Then I’ll yank you up here on stage and cut off your ability to breathe for a good 5 minutes while I manhandle you and take my picture with you. Then I’ll rip the hook out of your mouth and throw you, still bleeding, back where I found you. Yeaaaahhhh, that sounds really humane!’”

Well, here’s some scientific evidence for you – fish DO feel pain, and react much the same way you or I do in response. Read here:

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  1. Years ago, doctors believed that newborn babies didn't feel pain and conducted major surgeries on children. Now we know that babies do feel pain.

    I wonder how long it will take before people realize that all critters feel pain? It's sad!

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