Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a Boy

I told you awhile back that I lost my beloved Persian, Sonja, who was less than 5 years old. For any number of reasons, that loss has been particularly hard on me. She was such a character, so full of personality. She was always near us, with the personality more of a friendly lab or golden retriever than a cat. She was so young. I have her littermate with similar genetic problems and I'm fearful of complications with her in the future. I feel like the color has gone out of my life, leaving me with black, white and shades of gray.

Sonja's sister, Anna, has seemed to thrive as an only cat, coming out of her shell and being more "needy" and less reclusive. Then the thought occurred to me: maybe she's not happy being an only cat; maybe she's lonely! I think she's always wanted to "mother" something.

So I went looking to fill the void -- hers and mine. This is a picture of Sveeka who will be joining our family on June 20th.

I'm scared (I can't open myself up to another love if I'm going to have to say goodbye in the near future), sad and lonely (because I still miss Sonja so terribly). But I'm hoping a bundle of fur will soothe the jagged edges of my emotions when he gets here.

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  1. Oh ... he is adorable!!

    When I lost my first cat, I thought that I didn't want another because it hurt so much to say goodbye. I also didn't want to diminish the love I had for her by "replacing" her with another. But life without a four legged family member just wasn't good. When I got my second cat I realized that she wasn't a replacement but a new little life with a unique personality and ability to love. In a way, she honors the place my first cat had in our hearts. I also learned that the length of time we have with them is far less significant than the love we share during that time ... and while it hurts to say goodbye, I wouldn't miss the experience of sharing life with them for the world.

    Grief, whether for a person or an animal, takes time. But grief doesn't have to take up the entire space of your heart ... there's room for new love, as well.

    You'll be fine!

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