Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Challenge

As I told you last week, Wednesdays are "Change the World Wednesdays" . . . courtesy of reducefootprints. Here is your green challenge:

For one full day this week, eat only local foods. No tropical fruits from across the world ... no veggies that traveled hundreds of miles to get to your table ... only locally grown foods (this includes meats, dairy products, etc., if you eat them).

OR, if you're already eating only local foods full time ... and may I say congratulations to that ... post one of your favorite "local food" recipes on your blog.

Every year we talk about growing some veggies, but our lifestyle just doesn't allow for it (plus, we hate gardening!) I'm lucky enough to have neighbors who do garden and share their bounty with us: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and herbs galore! We reciprocate by delivering an occasional pan of vegan brownies -- a worthwhile trade!

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  1. Mmmm ... that does sound worthwhile! I believe that this challenge will definitely make us think about where our food comes from. I'm hoping to discover new ways to flavor food since most spices, condiments and oils aren't "grown" in North Carolina. It'll definitely be a challenge to go completely local for a day.

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints