Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Small Do You Feel?

A lot of people I know are struggling with perspective right now. How big our problems are versus how big they seem. How small our God is in relation to how big our problems are.

I frequently struggle with wanting to control the universe, to be the master of my domain . . . and everyone else's within my grasping fingers!

Yesterday I read the transcript of Mark Batterson's sermon from Sunday, July 21st, and I thought I'd share an excerpt with you (fyi, Mark Batterson is the pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C., and a favorite author of mine):

I’ve read so many [Teddy] Roosevelt biographies, I love Roosevelt Island, I just like him, a great man, very cool President. He had an interesting habit – every now and then, he would go out and look up into the night sky with his naturalist friend, William Beebe and they would locate a faint spot of light in the lower left-hand corner of Pegasus and recite the following, “That is the spiral galaxy of Andromeda, it is a large as the Milky Way, it is one of a hundred million galaxies, it is 750,000 light years away, it consists of one hundred billion suns, each larger than our own.” Then the President would pause and grin and say, “Now I think we feel small enough to go to bed.” I love that. I love that because I think there are moments in our lives where we need to come in for a landing. I think there are moments in our lives where we need God to reveal to us our smallness. What will happen in that moment is it won’t devalue your life or your significance or who you are, it will simply remind you of how big God is and it will help you put things in perspective.

How's that for a little perspective? So NOW how big do your problems seem, how small is your God, and how big are you?!

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