Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get It Done!

Years ago I had a friend who was chronically behind on everything he needed to do. One of the biggest contributing factors to this problem was that he would spend HOURS completing a simple task until it was "perfect". In fact, most of the time, the task was completed when the deadline for getting it done had expired -- without a deadline it would have never been done because it would have never been perfect. It didn't matter if it was an important project or a meaningless task, he agonized over meaningless minutiae to the point where he was woefully behind at work, home, everywhere.

While I understand and subscribe to the wisdom that "anything worth doing is worth doing well", I also understand that a lot of times you need to just get it done.

What is important is to set priorities -- knowing when something needs to be excellent and when it just needs doing -- and achieve balance.

Recently, I read a blog post on the topic of taking Imperfect Action rather than succumbing the paralysis that often accompanies trying to be perfect. You can read it here:

Now, are you ready to "git 'er done!"?

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  1. Thank you for the link ... it's an interesting subject and concept. I wonder how much of the problem is OCD ... perhaps being obsessive about perfection or one's perception of perfection. I do know that it can be paralyzing.

    Thank you for sharing!

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