Monday, March 9, 2009

March 28, 8:30 p.m. -- TIME TO VOTE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!

Mark your calendars for March 28, 2009, at 8:30 p.m. local time, to vote your concern about climate change during EARTH HOUR. Turn off your lights for just 1 hour and let your voice be heard. It's Planet Earth versus Global Warming. Who wouldn't vote for Planet Earth?! 1,000 cities will do the same: The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco - dark. Chicago -- dark. Las Vegas -- dark (imagine it!) New York -- dark. Los Angeles -- dark. Miami -- dark. Sydney, Australia -- dark. Paris, France -- dark. My house in Gulf Shores, Alabama -- DARK! You can learn more about Earth Hour here, including watch great videos:

Give extra "oomph" to your voice by clicking the link below and choosing "Raise Your Voice" on the lower left of the page. Provide your contact information and a letter will be sent to your representatives in government to urge them to take environmental issues seriously.

Whether you're from a red state or a blue state, we all need to unite for GREEN!


  1. I've linked and I've clicked! :)

    We're planning to pick up some gourmet treats and have a candle light picnic for that hour.

    How are you spending it?

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  2. Great idea! I haven't yet told my husband, but will this week. He won't be crazy about the idea, but will go along to make me happy (and then, after it's over, will feel really proud of us!) This is the man who, when I first married him, was embarrassed because I picked up garbage in parking lots on the way to the store . . . now he bends down next to me and picks up trash, too.