Thursday, November 19, 2009

Garbage -- Change the World

It's been awhile since I've passed on Reduce Footprints' weekly Change the World Challenge. This week's challenge fits nicely with a statistic I just collected last night from my co-op magazine:

Over five million tons of EXTRA garbage is generated between Thanksgiving and Christmas. EXTRA garbage! UGH

Reduce Footprints says this:

"This week's challenge is about raising our awareness. It comes from one of our newest readers, River221, a 13-year old whose Geography teacher asked the class to try this out. Here's how it goes:

This week, collect your garbage rather than toss it out. Continue to compost and recycle, but rather than take your bag of "real" garbage to the dumpster or put it out for collection ... keep it. At the end of the week, take a look at how much you've collected and consider ways to reduce it. This should truly open our eyes to the amount of waste in our lives."

I can tell you that our office only puts out one bag of trash a month. Our household does about a bag every two weeks. I'm sure we'd cut that in half if we composted, but I just can't seem to work it into my life right now with everything else going on.

So gather your garbage and see what you can do to improve -- at your home and workplace!

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