Monday, November 23, 2009

The Blind Side

We went to see The Blind Side this weekend. Really a great movie -- it made you laugh (a lot), it made you think, it was heartwarming, and it didn't manipulate you into crying (which I appreciate since most feel good movies are also cheesy in this regard). Honestly, I think it was the best movie I've seen in years!

The best line of the movie still has me laughing: "Honey, who would think we'd have a black son before we'd know a Democrat?!"

After living in the South all these years, I can tell you that comment's not an exaggeration! Go see the movie -- it's well worth it!

1 comment:

  1. I loved this movie! I was so prepared to be crying my eyes out---but I was surprised I made it through the whole thing only misting up a few times! =)
    I was thankful, too that they didn't milk the highly sentimental nature of the story to get us to cry.
    I have to admit that when they started showing the real photos and clips of them at the end, my eyes started leaking a little! ;)