Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Change the World

Here's Reduce Footprint's Wednesday Change the World Challenge:

Put on your walking shoes because this week we're going to walk ... not just idle walking ... we're going to clean as we go. Yep, this week, please go for a walk ... at least once ... and pick up litter as you go. If you're feeling ambitious, go every day. Once you've got your bag of litter, recycle what can be recycled before tossing the rest in the trash bin.

Isn't that a great challenge? Not only will we get some exercise and breathe in some fresh, fall air ... we'll be cleaning up trash as we go. We can all agree that litter is an eye-sore ... but if you're wondering why litter is bad for the environment, read about it HERE.

My mom and I do this all the time. Don't underestimate the influence you have on people. When we started walking our subdivision picking up trash, we were the only ones. Now several other neighbors do, too, and one told us we inspired her. I'd like to think that anyone who sees us, whether they're driving by or looking out their windows, might think twice the next time they litter or walk past someone else's litter. Tip: keep a set of garbage bags next to your walking shoes so you don't forgot to take them with you.

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